RFID Money Belt

Great when I am in the middle of nowhere with the dogs. I wear it under loose clothing and nobody seems to know I am wearing it.

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  • AVAILABLE IN TWO COLOURS: You can choose between the classic black and the more unobtrusive beige.
  • EXTREMELY LIGHT, SLIM & UNOBTRUSIVE: With a sturdy buckle and a solid zip, made of tear-resistant ripstop nylon and a soft fleece back panel, making it breathable and comfortable in any weather.
  • ELASTIC BELT: Suitable for any circumference from 23.6 to 59 inchesDoes not fringe, is easy to clean, and dries quickly.
  • RFID BLOCKER TECHNOLOGY: Protects you against electronic pickpocketing and identity theft.
  • LOTS OF STORAGE: 5×9.8 inches, 2 big compartments, holding space for your passport, credit card, cash, phone and keys.
  • Stop pickpockets by wearing your valuables hidden under your clothes.
  • RFID blocker technology protects your personal information from electronic theft.
  • Adjustable belt for any waist circumference from 23.6 to 59 inches.
  • Lightweight, but with a sturdy buckle and zip. Soft fleece back panel, comfortable on the skin in any weather.
  • With two compartments for passport, cell phone, credit cards and cash.
  • Also suitable as a running belt or hike fanny pack.

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