Neck Pillow

This is a great neck pillow, it offers impressive neck support, thanks to its ergonomic shape.It is light and will save you space as it can fit in your carry-on luggage very easily, making it ideal for air travel. It also has a soft washable cover that allows for a very comfortable experience.

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  • ERGONOMIC SHAPE AND SOFT FLEECE COVER: Never again wake up from a nap with a stiff neck. Also, the cover feels comfortably silky on your skin – sweet dreams.
  • INFLATABLE: Deflated, the pillow takes up barely any space in your carry-on baggage.
  • SEWN-IN POCKET: Store everything that may come in handy – i.e. tissues and your mobile phone to listen to music. The pocket also serves as a bag for the deflated pillow.
  • FREE EYE MASK AND EAR PLUGS: So you can sleep undisturbed and comfortably even on airplanes, trains or in other noisy and bright places.
  • The ultimate travel set: Thanks to the complimentary eye mask and ear plugs you can cut out noise and light!
  • The inflatable travel neck support barely takes up any space in you hand baggage!
  • The soft fleece cushion cover feels pleasantly silky on your skin!
  • Store your flight essentials like tissues, mobile phone and headphones in the sewn-in pocket!

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